Friday, February 27, 2009

Getting closer...

The day of the photo is fast approaching. Previously, in my life, I have not given a care to what I looked like or how much I wieghed. However, most of those times was due to the fact I was wearing clothing. Sure, I might have been seen a few times without a shirt. But you gotta believe me when I say I have a GIGANTIC ASS!

I think Tighty Whities is a bad idea. Trust me, I'll be doing everyone a favour if I stick to boxer shorts. (It'll also save me trying to convince you all that it was a really cold day in the middle of summer *shifty eyes*).

I've been thinking about ways to keep this blog interesting enough to a) keep me updating it (motivation is my issue, not just losing wieght) and b) keeping you reading it. I think I have a few fun "reality tv" style challenges that will keep you all hooked.

Im also trying to work out something to reward myself if I succeed in achieving my goal wieght. I have narrowed it down to like, 3 or 4 huge ideas. I'll post the one I like the best on March 1st. It's like, The Biggest Loser, only it's just me. And it's on the internet. And I have no personal trainer.

Ok, ok fine. The only thing thats the same is they both have fat men looking depressed on scales. Whatever!


  1. I find that making small goals is really helpful, and giving yourself a little (non food) reward for reaching them is awesome! I do mine in 5kg intervals so say, 80kgs I get a pedicure, 75 kgs I get a new pair of jeans etc etc. So think of some manly rewards and keep chasing them :D

  2. A pedicure sounds exciting :D

    No, really, Im thinking a LOT bigger, and I'll only reward myself if I hit my goal weight (80kg)

  3. I'm with Miss Nikki on this one, having some smaller incentives will really help to keep you on track.