Sunday, May 3, 2009

Starting again

I've put on a little bit of weight since my last post.  Not too much, like 2kgs or something.  Easy enough to take it off.

Tomorrow I will have new photos and a proper weigh in.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Taking a break

Not giving up on the diet or the exercise, just the blogging.

Life is getting a bit too difficult atm, and Im often too busy trying to distract myself or too busy actually dealing with life, that I dont make it online to blog.

Just for those waiting to hear it, I lost 2 kgs last week. I am now 103kgs.

I'll be back on the 1st of April blogging again. Hoping to be 99kg by then.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Day 21 Consumption

Im having trouble remembering what I ate.

Breakfast -
  • Some watermelon pieces

Lunch -

  • A fruit smoothie (Dairy in it)

Snack -

  • A normal fruit drink (no dairy in this one)

Dinner -

  • Wife invited me over for Dinner. She felt like Thai take-away, said she would pay for it and order it if I completed the other piece of the puzzle, driving to pick it up.
  • I ended up ordering, paying and driving (twice...they moved >.<)
  • Anyway, I had Mussaman Beef, and it really felt like the first real meal I have had since I started this. Maybe not, Id have to go back and check, but it felt good eating it.

Exercise -

Spent about 2 hours walking.

Sorry about the deteriorating quality of these posts. Im honestly getting next to no sleep, all my days are running into each other and getting muddled. It's hard to remember what days I've blogged and what days I havent, and then harder still to distinguish what foods I had on those days.

I will get a notebook to keep track of these things I think.

Anyway, weigh in and photos later on today. I'll have to go over to Jo's house for it.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Day 20 Consumption

Ok, today was REALLY bad as far as food is concerned. It was a pretty ok day as far as bitch ex-wife is concerned. Yeah, thats right, I said it!

Breakfast -
  • Apple

Lunch -

  • One of those Juice things im in love with
  • I bought 2 wraps, one for me, one for Jo. I went to Jo's house to deliver hers so we could lunch together, and I noticed she had left her email open. I read some things I wish I didnt, and I lost my appetite.
  • Later, found myself at the shops again and bought a roast pork roll with gravy and a large cup fo potato gems, with gravy.

Dinner -

  • Potato Pie


Nothing at all. Rain is reall hampering my exercise routine, and my intake of endorphines...

Love life

I wrote a big 1000+ word description of events leading up to this, and my thoughts, but it turned out to be too deep for a public blog thats about weight loss.

Long story short... I love Jo, Jo loves someone else. (Someone else reads this. At least leave a comment you bastard. If you're gonna take my wife, at least leave some encouragement.) Its really, truly time to move on.

Now if only it would stop raining and I could go jogging... Natural highs desperately needed.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Day 19

  • Apple
  • 50g Soya crisps

Snack 1

  • 2 slices of Peanut Butter toast


  • Chicken Wrap
  • Bowen Fruit drink (Mango, strawberry, banana)

Snack 2

  • Big cookie


  • Chicken, Bacon, Pineapple wrap.


40 sit ups. Rain and TAFE prevented me from walking.

So tired... Goodnight.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sorry guys

My daughter has been very ill the last two nights. Hospital visits have been required on both nights, hence no updates here.

Im far too tired to try and remember what I have been eating, but I assure you I have achieved the eating goal both days, the exercise goal on Tuesday but missed it on Wednesday (due to being tired from Tuesday Night).

Tuesday I did 50 sit ups, yesterday I did none.

Im going to be giving Jo some space over the next few days, try and get my head on straight. That'll give me more time to focus on other things, such as this blog.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009



107cm waist, NO MORE!

Now to get the waistline below 100 as well :D

Monday, March 16, 2009

Day 15 and Day 16 consumption

DAY 15

Breakfast -
  • Apple pieces and Grapes

Lunch -

  • Hot Dog with Tomato Sauce

Snack -

  • Sausage Roll

Note: The day started off great. I took my wife and our kids to Australia Zoo for family day. The hot dog was probably the healthiest option there for lunch :S After a great time at Aussie Zoo though, I discovered some disheartening news concerning my relationship, and once again withdrew. The sausage roll was a direct result of "FUCK IT ALL TO HELL!" mood I was in. I also skipped dinner because of that.

So Sunday's eating correctly is a: FAIL!

However, as far as exercise is concerned, we walked a marathon at Australia Zoo for 3 hours, and then spent an hour and a half at the local swimming pool. I managed to squeeze in 30 sit ups before being utterly spent and going to bed. I didn't get the 100, but that isnt exactly a requirement.

Sunday Exercise: SUCCESS!

Day 16

Snack 1:

  • 1 Piece of Vegemite toast

Breakfast -

  • Chicken wrap (lettuce, carrot, tomato)
  • Bluetongue Juice (Strawberries, blueberries, mango, other delicious stuff)

Lunch -

  • 2 cruskits
  • 50gms of Pretzels
  • 1 apple

Snack 2:

  • Choc-chip cookie

Dinner -

  • Chicken, Bacon, Pineapple wrap. (Dont judge, it tastes awesome!)

Eat correctly on Monday: SUCCESS!

And Monday is a day excempt from exercise. So HURRAH FOR ME!

Week Three - March 15 to March 21

Although I swear the pictures are making me look fatter and fatter, I have successfully lost 9 kgs in 2 weeks. Starting at 114kg, I am now at 105kg (and a lot fitter too).

And although the pictures dont show much change, my once tight belly is now a lot of loose skin (GROSS).

This week, after having a bit of a failure at eating last week, Im gonna try and focus on 3 meals a day, and at least 2 snacks. Energy/calorie content is not really much of a concern. I will allow myself the occasional chocolate if I want it, because the real results are in the weight lost, not the other numbers.

On top of that, the other part of my challenge is going to be at least an hour of exercise a day. I have really been enjoying my exercise, and I want to get back into it to try and get those endorphines pumping (Endorphines: Great for distracting you when the person you miss most isn't around!)

Additionally, I really dont like my loose skin. My belly was a lot less gross when it was big and round and not entirely flabby! So Im gonna try and work at least 100 sit ups a day into that 1hr of excercise.

There are some days of my week that WILL NOT be possible to fit in an hours worth of exercise. Those days are Mondays and Thursdays, as I am simply at TAFE for too many hours. These days will not count towards succeeding or failing in my goal.

Current Weight: 105kg

End of Week: 101kg

Overall Goal: 80kg

21kg to go! That is really quite exciting. I started at 34, and im already 1/3 of the way there after 2 weeks!

End of Week Two

Ok, I started this week with these numbers:

Current weight: 109 kg
This week goal: 106 kg
Total Goal: 80 kg

This week, I weigh.... 105kgs!

I think last week I can count the number of times I ate on one hand. I definetly failed my weekly challenge, and for that I blame my suffering love life. My wife reveled things to me that I probably could have been better off not knowing, but at least I succeeded in losing a bit of weight.

Things are great between her and I atm, and I think I finally have my head around whats happening and will set my head straight now. (Of course, I think I have said that to her about 6 times in the last two weeks. >.<)

So for achieving my goal, thats 10 points, and an extra kilo on top of that (another 2 points) I earned 12 Reward points last week, bringing my total to 28.

Still have no idea what I will get with my reward points. Suggestions sorely needed.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Day 11 and 12.

Sorry guys, im going through a transition at the moment.

My break up with my wife turned out to be a little more than she original explained.  I had to come down to Brisbane to survive the shock.

Food has been non-existant, as has exercise over the last 2 days.  Copious amounts of vodka were drunk last night, I know that much.  Not sure of the dietry intake there though :P

I will get back on track next week I think.  I dunno.  Saying that too much recently.  I jsut dont know whats happening anymore.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Day 10 Consumption

Let me just start I had a very bad day, both emotionally and according to the diet.

Probably a connection there.

Breakfast -
  • 1 Apple

Lunch - Skipped

Snack -

  • 6 Delicious Chocolate Chip cookies (Stolen from the wife's fridge! Take that!)
  • 2 Cadbury Creme Eggs (2 for $2.50 at the servo while driving to Brisbane. Yes please!)

Dinner -

  • Cripsy Chicken burger from McDonalds
  • Medium Fries
  • Medium Diet Coke


None! There is a hurricane. It is ruining my plans for a fit and healthy me!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Day 9 Consumption

Breakfast -
  • Apple (220 kj)
  • 2 Cruskits (230 kj)
  • Bowl of Watermelon (130kj per 100g. Guesstimate 200kj)

Lunch -

  • Chicken Wrap (lettuce, carrot, tomato, Honey Mustard. The standard. 950kj)
  • Kiwi Cooler Juice (No idea. All natural stuff)

Snack -

  • Soy Crisps (50g, 1029 kj)
  • 2 Cruskits (230 kj)

Dinner -

  • Roast Pork Sandwich (I know, not the best choice, but I felt like something different. No idea n Kj's here. Gonna guess 1800)

Snack -

  • Golden Circle Orange and Mango juice (742 kj)
  • Apple (220 kj)

Total KJ - 220 + 230 + 200 + 950 + ??? + 1029 + 230 + 1800 + 742 + 220 = 5601 kj

Monday goal = FAIL!

lots of exercise today. Swimming in the morning for 45 minutes. THAT got my heart pumping. Tried pushing my dead car uphill in the rain. And finally, 10 minutes on the exercise bike.

Although I think I am gonna fail the weekly challenge, I think I'm doing things right.

Day 8 Consumption

This is for Sunday. Still no net, so the posts will be a little delayed.

I decided on Sundays I will take it a little bit easier. Its the start of a new week, hopefully following a successful week, so I deserve to enjoy myself and not worry too much. That is not to say I will ruin everything I achieved, but jsut take it easier.

Breakfast - I took the kids to McDonalds to play in the playground while thier mother went and did things.

  • 2 Hash Browns (1030kj)
  • 1 Hot cake (3 Hotcakes with butter and syrup is 2760kj. I had 1, with no butter or syrup so lets guess, 700kj)

Lunch -

  • 1 Apple (220kj. Thanks Wikipedia!)
  • 2 Cruskits (nothing on it. Yumm! 230kj)

Dinner -

  • 1 Apple (220kj)
  • 2 Cruskits (230kj)
  • McDonalds Classic Crispy Chicken Burger (It was after 9pm, no wrap :( It's still pretty healthy. 2010 kj. Maybe not :O )

Snacks -

  • Parker's Pretzels (Only ate half the bag. Go me! 817kj)
  • Can of Pepsi Max (5kj. You read that right! Not gonna reach my kj quota through pepsi.)

KJ total - 1030 + 700ish + 220 + 220 + 230 + 230 + 2010 + 817 + 5 = 5462 kj.

Quota for Sunday: FAIL!

Still, im not feeling too hard on myself. I was eating when I should, even though I wasn't hungry. This whole seperation thing has assasinated my appetite. So although I missed the quota, at least I know I am on the right track.


Took the kids in the pram around the block. they add 30kgs, and its a lot of uphill walking, so it can get tough. Roughly 5.5k's.

Did 2km on the exercise bike in 4 minutes 10 seconds. When I started last week, it took me 5 minutes flat. Getting better :)

Last night after failing to fall asleep the first time, I went for a drive (thats when I got my cripsy chicken from McD's, figured I needed a bigger dinner). It was beautifully windy, and since sleep wasn't coming, I went to the beach. Tried twirling the firestick, but the wind made it incredibly difficult, so I just walked along the beach in the dark. Sounds lonely and pathetic, but water and wind both raise my spirits, and I was having happy memories. Was really good. Did about 1.5 kilometres.

EDIT: I didn't list it, and I probably won't from now on, but I also drank about 3 or 4 litres of water. Constantly working out, constantly drinking. Constantly pissing too :S . From now on, just assume I had a lot of water, cause I can't keep track of how much im drinking.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Second Weekly Challenge 8/3 to 14/3

Week Two: Eat between 8000 and 9000 kjs worth of food a day.

Ok, so this will probably make me lose a little bit less weight this week. But the goal here is to get me eating again, regardless of how much I do or do not want to.

The recommended daily intake of kilojoules for an adult is 8700. (See, research!) So this week I will be combining last weeks goal with this weeks. Still no strict diet plan, but I am actively going to be trying to get 3 meals a day, and possibly 2 or 3 snacks in. Amongst those, I need to count calories and try and end up with a balanced diet.

I'm gonna have to find out how many kjs in certain fruits, and then measure how much fruit I am eating in a sitting. Blargh! Effort. I hate things that require effort! As this more of an active challenge this week, I will reward myself 5 extra Reward Points if I achieve this goal 5 times out of 7.

Current weight: 109 kg

This week goal: 106 kg

Total Goal: 80 kg

3kg goal this week. Obviously 2kg was too easy (despite what Nicole said :P) but I don't want to go much lower, because I'll likely be eating a lot more food. And without a personal dietican, or the internet at my fingertips, it'll be hard to work out the best foods to eat.

Here's to a better week this week than last. (Really, not hard to achieve)

End of Week One

Well, although it is pretty damn close to the worst week of my life, the loss of weight plan was a success. I started the week with the following numbers:

Current weight: 114kg
End of week goal: 112kg
Overall goal: 80kg

I currently weigh... 109kgs! Thats 5kg in one week. Almost enough to make me smile! So for reaching my goal weight, and exceeding it by 3kgs, I earn 16 Reward Points. I still have no reward list. I need some helpful suggestions guys.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Day 7 Consumption

I haven't slept from yesterday yet. Feeling really down.

Absolutely no appetite.

Breakfast - Skipped

Lunch - Skipped

Dinner - Some chicken Jo was going to throw out.

I promise I will have an apple or some watermelon when I get back to my house.

Just did a big around the block walk with 2 children in the pram. Heavy, uphill. Good exercise.

Anyway, feeling dejected. Tomorrow is the start of week 2! New photos and official weigh in.


I found this on the ninemsn news feed website.

Im so clever :D

Day 6 Consumption

I drank more than 3l of water today. For sure. It's good too, because...


Spent all day shopping, does that count as exercise? I cant tell you exactly how far I walked, but, it was a lot.

Spent 2 hours walking from 6pm to 8pm. Again, I dont know how far I went, I took too many side streets. This also included small spurts of jogging. Im sure it wasn't attractive, but it felt good. If I HAD to guestimate, 10km? 15km? /shrug

Spent about 2 hours cleaning/babysitting. Just trust me when I say it counts as exercise. I was sweating like you wouldn't believe.


Breakfast - Waterfall Juice
  • Watermelon
  • Strawberries
  • Ice
  • Strawberry Sorbet
  • Mint leaves
  • Yum!

- Fruit Salad

Lunch - McDonalds seared chicken wrap (surprisingly VERY good. Maybe I was just sick of subway)
- Regular fries
- Diet Coke
- 2 of my childrens chicken nuggits (What? They weren't eating them :S )

Dinner - 2 apples

I fully planned on skipping dinner. I've moved out of my home, and it was an incredibly lonely evening, but after all that walking, my body needed some fuel. Not sure if it was stress or lack of energy, but I was shaking like a leaf.

On top of those things, I also had 2 Pepsi Max, and about 3L of water.

All in all, I think it was a good day. Not sure though. Very emotional in either case. Endorphines still kinda kicking... Anyway, must go. Im typing this in someone elses house I snuck into. :O

Friday, March 6, 2009

Day 5 Consumption

I've lost a lot of weight. :D Nothing like a bit of depression to destroy your appetite, and endorphine seeking tendencies to burn off calories!


Last night I did 2 km on the exercise bike again. Today I did a one hour walk around the block pushing a pram with 2 children(BIG block, lots of hills *gulp*). Fairly poor at estimating, but I'd say about 5.5k.


Breakfast - I was up in time for it, but I still skipped it. Bad me.

Lunch - Tub of fruit salad

- Waterfall Juice
  • Watermelon
  • Strawberries
  • Mint Leaves
  • Strawberry Sorbet
  • Ice
  • Blended to perfection!

Dinner - Large Chicken Wrap meal from Nando's

  • Chicken
  • Lettuce
  • Tomato
  • Mayonaise?
  • Carb friendly wrap
  • Large chips (Come on, its not like they are KFC or McDonalds chips. Can't skimp on Nando's)
  • Bottle of Lift

I've also had a can of Pepsi Max and 2 bottles of water today. So far, im down 3kg!

Life is difficult, but Im coping. I figured if my wife doesnt want me atm, nothing better to do than to stick to my plan (fuck, hit it even harder even) and come out looking like one sexy .

Women are a shallow species. I shall work my magic, oh yes.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Day 4 Consumption

Drank a lot of water today.

Midnight Snack - Small bag of Cherry Ripe bites
- Half a bottle of Pepsi Max
(I bought these while driving to Brisbane at 1 am. I was falling asleep while driving, and I needed something to keep me awake.)

Breakfast - Slept in (Shock!)

Lunch - (Surprise!) Roast chicken wrap from Subway

Dinner - Nothing. No appetite.

I know im skipping meals, and from a diet standpoint, thats bad. Im jsut really uninterested in food, and I force myself to eat that daily wrap (Getting over it though).

Looking forward to next week. I know what my new challenge will be.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Day 3 Consumption

Well, life's pretty shit atm. Strongly desiring to give up on this, but im sticking to it. I need some sort of direction.

Im skipping school this week. I tried going into school on Monday, but it was far too hard to concentrate. Today Jo and I went out. I'll avoid details and just get on with it, shall I?

Lunch - Roast Chicken Wrap
  • Same as yesterday

- Calyspo fruit crush thingy

  • Pineapple
  • Mango
  • Ice
  • Pineapple Juice
  • Other 100% healthy fruit stuff.

Dinner - Watermelon

Skipped breakfast. Only ate the watermelon because I was cutting some up for the kids. Only ate lunch cause Jo was eating. Just have no appetite at all atm.

Think I need a new blog to start whining about how much my life sucks atm. I've gone from being on top of the world, confident that 2009 was going to be my year, to feeling worse than I did last year.

Fuck it. In other news, I've lost a kilo. Yay me. Anyone reading this, please bear with me. I'll get my shit together soon. I promise this wont become an emo whine blog.

My wife

Yesterday my wife asked me to leave our home. She no longer loves me. Although I understand where this comes from, its timing feels so very off to me. This blog, my being back in school, my entire happiness I had finally established, it all came from the support of my wife.

Last year we seperated, it was meant to be a chance for me to sort myself out. It took a REALLY long time, and life was so very hard, but I finally came to my senses. With the help of my therapist, I started to open up finally.

Im sorry to everyone who isnt Jo who has to read this. I cant say this to her face, I dont want to unfairly burden her with my tears.

Jo, I really want to re-iterate how loving I have been to you in the past few months. It was all real. You say you want a soul-mate? What do you call someone who feels so much love for you while you are sleeping, that he goes and looks through the old wedding photos. Who posts one as your computer wallpaper so that when you see it, you know he was thinking of you. I planned for ages, trying to figure out how to make this years aniversary better than last years and our wedding combined (Which, considering the circumstances, you might say that wouldn't be hard).

I've seen you stressed a lot lately. I've tried my best to be more active with the children. I admit, I have slipped a lot in the last week or two. I got too caught up in the magic bullshit. Im sorry. But going back a few more weeks, I would make you tea when I saw you stressed. I saw the look in your eyes when I would put it in front of you. Baby, I saw love.

Valentine's Day. How can you say you didn't love me? I SAW the look in your eyes. A lot of it was surprise, but I saw love there too! You're in a funk. I know of funks. Our split does not need to be permanent.

I realise this is a most highly unattractive form of grovelling, but you say you want a man who will shout his love for you from the rooftops. This is my roof. From it, all four corners of the globe (lolwut?) can hear my voice. I even shouted it from my facebook. 25 things about me, that turned into 30. You were the 30th. And I saw you when you read it. You loved me.

In the last 24 hours I say I have seen all these signs coming, and I turneda blind eye to them. But there is more than jsut those signs Jo. I have seen many moments when you have looked at me and been in love with me. And those moments are not as long ago as you seem to think they are.

This feels so wrong to me, and yet it feels right to you. You claim we are "toxic" to each other. Jo, you are inspiring me to be such a better person. The person you consider toxic is so close to being dead. I can feel him fighting for life atm, because he feeds off my depression, off my agony. That's not meant ot be a guilt trip either, my love. I understand your need for space, and I am willing to give it to you. But our life together does not need to end here.

You fail to see the good because you are mired in the bad. And I accept responsibility for allowing you to fall that far. I know fancy words aren't very likely to win you back, but it's all I have left. My heart is empty but my brain spins lovely speeches for me to repeat over and over and over to an empty room.

I ADORE you Jo. Please, don't let this end now. I can be what you need. I can. If you let me.

I dont want anyone else but Jo to comment on this. I thank you for your sympathy, but it only makes me feel even more pathetic.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Day 2 - Daily Consumption

I received some bad news today. Kinda makes me want to give up this whole idea, cause it seems kind of pointless now. But still, not one to rush into a stupid decision, I kept the good work up. Although, I've had no appetite today, and I only ate cause I figured I should.

Lunch - Roasted Chicken Wrap from Subway
  • Same as yesterday.

That is all.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Daily consumption

I didn't do too poorly today. I could have gotten off to a better start, but KFC was sort of forced upon me.

Breakfast - Slept in, missed it.

Lunch - Regular Chicken Fillet meal
  • Chicken (with skin scraped off)
  • Regular Chips
  • Can of 7-up

- Fruit Fantasy from Cold Rock

  • Mango Sorbet
  • Banana Sorbet
  • Strawberries
  • Mango
  • Strawberry topping

Dinner - Roast Chicken Wrap from Subway

  • Carb-friendly wrap
  • Roast Chicken
  • (No cheese. Yay willpower. Boo lack of taste)
  • Carrot
  • Lettuce
  • Tomato
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Honey Mustard sauce (Dunno if its good or bad, but damned if im gonna have a flavourless sammich)

I also had 2 cans of Pepsi Max throughout the day.

Not the BEST start, but I made decisions today that I wouldn't have made previously. Being Zac's (Step-son) birthday, I was kind of forced into KFC and Cold Rock. I didnt want to have nothing, as that would have pissed me off. So I replaced the ice cream in the fruit fantasy with non-dairy sorbet. I actually GOT a fruit fantasy instead of a big tub of ice cream. I went a size smaller at KFC, and painstakingly pulled off all that delicious chicken skin and threw it away!

Overall, im impressed I managed to avoid snacking (thats what the pepsi was for).


Tonight I practiced some fire twirling from 7pm - 8:30. Learnt a new trick called tapping, which is just an impressive way of throwing it and catching it quickly. If my arms are any indication, it was definetly a strong work out. I can barely move them, and I bashed my head in a few times. But more practice with that one before I try it lit :P

Once this is posted, I'll also do a kilometre or two on the exercise bike before I shower and pass out.

First Weekly Challenge

As previously mentioned, I have no plan. There is no right or wrong way for me to do this. If I set myself boundries too strict, I will eventualyl get depressed and give up. If I set very loose boundries, what is the point?

As such, I will be changing the rules each and every week. (Later on down the track, I will run a game or competition of some description. The winner can pick the challenge for me). The first week is kind of a cop out, some would say. But for me, it's about hitting the ground running at a pace I can handle.

Week One: Be conscious of the foods I am eating. When bored, exercise.

This means I am not doing ANY special dieting. I am not going out of my way to do ANY exercise. What I AM doing, is actively making decisions of the foods I eat. For example, today was my step son's 10th birthday. He chose, of all places, KFC for lunch. Rather than not have anything and get depressed and give up on day one, I picked something healthier than my usual choice, and got a smaller meal. We went to the park afterward, and I spent about an hour practicing fire twirling. (It is a valid form of exercise. Trust me, when you cant control the damn thing, you do a lot of chasing).

With each weekly challenge, I will post new pics of me in my grundies. I cropped this one to focus on my belly (and I had also JUST woken up. I had a less than pretty face).

Current weight: 114kg
End of week goal: 112kg
Overall goal: 80kg
Reward System
To stay focused, Im offering myself a few incentives. If I have reached my goal weight by March 1, 2010, I will be rewarding myself with an adventure trip. Im still undecided what it will be, but think of the trips kids take in thier gap year. I never did anything like that, and I want to do something exciting before I get started on my career. I'll delve into this one later on in the year (obviously, a lot of them are pending wife approval).
I will also offer myself rewards based on a point system. (I love RPGs. I love gaining experience, leveling up, grinding gold, etc etc. So, I had to include some way to gain points in this) Each week, I will have a starting weight, and a goal weight. Achieving my goal weight grants me 10 points. For each additional kilo I lose past that goal, I get an extra 2 points.
Now I want you guys to leave suggestions of things I can reward myself with, and how many points you think they should be worth. As a guideline, nothing should be under 100 points. ATM, im getting desperate for a new tattoo. Im thinking that should be a 150 point reward. Any other ideas?

Week One - March 1 to March 8

*gulp* The time has come. I realised last night at about 11:40 that in 20 minutes, everything I eat will be chronicaled. So I quickly ripped open the bag of Crunchies the wife got me for my birthday and scoffed a few down.

They were stale. >.< I noticed they had a "quick sale" price tag on them. Thanks beloved.

As I type this, my lovely wife is uploading some photos on her computer, which I will then go over and upload them onto here. It really doesnt look TOO bad. Not as bad as I see when I look in the mirror. Maybe the camera takes off fat once you reach a certain limit?

Or maybe I should stop looking in that funhouse mirror?

Be back later with pics.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Getting closer...

The day of the photo is fast approaching. Previously, in my life, I have not given a care to what I looked like or how much I wieghed. However, most of those times was due to the fact I was wearing clothing. Sure, I might have been seen a few times without a shirt. But you gotta believe me when I say I have a GIGANTIC ASS!

I think Tighty Whities is a bad idea. Trust me, I'll be doing everyone a favour if I stick to boxer shorts. (It'll also save me trying to convince you all that it was a really cold day in the middle of summer *shifty eyes*).

I've been thinking about ways to keep this blog interesting enough to a) keep me updating it (motivation is my issue, not just losing wieght) and b) keeping you reading it. I think I have a few fun "reality tv" style challenges that will keep you all hooked.

Im also trying to work out something to reward myself if I succeed in achieving my goal wieght. I have narrowed it down to like, 3 or 4 huge ideas. I'll post the one I like the best on March 1st. It's like, The Biggest Loser, only it's just me. And it's on the internet. And I have no personal trainer.

Ok, ok fine. The only thing thats the same is they both have fat men looking depressed on scales. Whatever!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy Birthday to me

Today was my 24th Birthday. Today was meant to be the day I started my wieghtloss journey, but I decided to put it off until the 1st of March. Im glad I did.

It was decided, since I was at school from 11am to 9pm, that during my break the wife and the kids would meet me at Hungry Jack's for dinner and gift exchange. *Drools at the memory of the dbl cheese* My presents included a bag of crunchies, and a BIG bag of Toobs (the saucy chips) for "movie time".

My foresight has made one of it's rare appearences and prevented me from failing before I even started.

One thing I do want to mention was I got a birthday card from my Nana. I love my Nana. Of the Cross brood, she is the ONLY one I consider sane (my daughter Alana is a possibility as long as she doesn't spend too much time around my son).

However, take a look at what the card said.

"At last the frantic years are over. With more time to do all those special things like:
- Toning up your body
- Saving for a mortgage
- Starting a career
- Still staying up for all night parties
- And having a good time

Who says life is a breeze?"

Now, my dear beloved Nana had the nerve to write "Ha ha" next to "Toning up your body".

Well Nana, of all the people who are able to motivate me with spite, I never suspected you'd be the first. After I much down on my fun-sized Crunchies and eat my ginormous bag of Toobs, and guzzle down a can or three of Pepsi Max (im on a diet, you know) I'll walk a kilometre, just to spite you! :P

2 more days til my journey begins.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Welcome to my new home.

This will be my new blog, which will track my wieghtloss journey starting March 1st 2009, and ending March 1st 2010.

To save some time, and explain a lot about myself, my goals and reasons, I shall post som of the main points of the 25 things about me thing I did on Facebook.

4. I always wanted to be a father. I could never decide if I wanted a son or a daughter, so I guess im lucky I managed to score the whole set :D

5.My children's names are Noah and Alana. Noah was named after the character in "The Notebook", which is Jo's favourite movie. Meanwhile, its a name I loved anyway, and is amongst my "1st pick" materials. Alana was going to be Ally, also from the Notebook, until I pointed it out that it was probably kinda sick to name siblings after the lovers in Jo's favourite movie. She was Abby for a while, but I managed to coax Jo over to Alana in the last minute because "it sounded exotic". And people call women manipulators?

12. I just started a course in Justice Administration. The idea is to complete the course this year, and use the time to lose wieght. Next year, I hope to use my diploma and my smokin' new body and fitness level to enter the QLD police academy.

15. Starting March 1st, 2009 I will be keeping a new blog. It will track what food I have eaten, how much exercise I have done and other random things. I've tried losing wieght in the past through dieting, exercising and whatnot, but I suffer from what many would call depression, and I constantly find excuses to pity myself while chewing on a bag of chips. Im at a shocking 110kgs now, and I figure the best way to force myself to stick to this (for the police academy next year) would be to publicly shame myself. Expect to see a fat man in his tighty whiteys on day one. I invite everyone over to comment and make fun of me. Or encourage. That would be nice too! (Although, seriously, taunting me would help!)

17. 2008 was a very very bad year for me. I spent about 7 or 8 weeks living in my car. I was suicidal some days. I ended up doing what I vowed I never would do, and I got a tattoo. I have the Kanji symbol for father on my forearm. People who see it and comment on it point out that I could have just got my childrens names tattooed, but the thing is (and I dont actually mention this) the tattoo is meant to remind me what I had to live for. It wasnt for the kids, it was for me.

19. I intend on 2009 to be the anti-thesis of 2008. Where everything crashed and burned for me in 2008, I expect 2009 to be a year of getting my shit together and growing up.

In short, I am 24 years old (in about one hour). I was in good physical shape until a motor accident stuffed up my back in 2004. I used the pain as an excuse to become lazy, and have gained massive amounts of wieght. These days, I can't even carry my kids without pain. I get out of breath climbing the stairs. I have incredibly low self esteem (although im quite good at pretending this isnt so).

I want to do something with my life where I can make other peoples lives better. As a police officer, I could stand for all the values that are important to me. However, as a fat man with a bad back, I cannot achieve this goal. After my accident, I was involved in an insurance claim. The insurance doctors tried claiming that I had a bad back because I was fat. Which, was all well and good, but when I would provide with pictures of me BEFORE the accident in very tight motorcycle leathers, they realised that im fat because of the accident.

But the point remains. If I lose wieght, the pain in my back that I live with almost constantly will subside. I will feel better, and look better. This will help my self esteem, and with a little luck, improve my depressive episodes. I can be a better father (which is ultimetly, the most important aspect) and husband. I can start my new career happy and healthy, mind body and soul.

And it all starts with this first step. I need to get motivated to do something. Intense diets have failed, and in failing, have brought me to food binges. Pushing hard on exercise has left me in pain and bruised. So now, I am going to try public humiliation.

I will post all the exercise I have done, every scrap of food I have eaten in daily updates. I need the help of you and everyone else who reads this to be accountable for me. If I know I have a bunch of people hoping for me to succeed, I will be more inclined to just be sensible. If I know I have enough people who love/care for me enough to spend 5 minutes a day to take this journey with me, I will be confident enough where I wont need to wallow in self pity (and Hungry Jacks Dbl cheese.)

Come back on the first of March for the beginning of the trip. Expect to see photos you which you didn't.

And thank you, for your support (even ridicule would be helpful, if not appreciated). :D