Sunday, March 1, 2009

Daily consumption

I didn't do too poorly today. I could have gotten off to a better start, but KFC was sort of forced upon me.

Breakfast - Slept in, missed it.

Lunch - Regular Chicken Fillet meal
  • Chicken (with skin scraped off)
  • Regular Chips
  • Can of 7-up

- Fruit Fantasy from Cold Rock

  • Mango Sorbet
  • Banana Sorbet
  • Strawberries
  • Mango
  • Strawberry topping

Dinner - Roast Chicken Wrap from Subway

  • Carb-friendly wrap
  • Roast Chicken
  • (No cheese. Yay willpower. Boo lack of taste)
  • Carrot
  • Lettuce
  • Tomato
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Honey Mustard sauce (Dunno if its good or bad, but damned if im gonna have a flavourless sammich)

I also had 2 cans of Pepsi Max throughout the day.

Not the BEST start, but I made decisions today that I wouldn't have made previously. Being Zac's (Step-son) birthday, I was kind of forced into KFC and Cold Rock. I didnt want to have nothing, as that would have pissed me off. So I replaced the ice cream in the fruit fantasy with non-dairy sorbet. I actually GOT a fruit fantasy instead of a big tub of ice cream. I went a size smaller at KFC, and painstakingly pulled off all that delicious chicken skin and threw it away!

Overall, im impressed I managed to avoid snacking (thats what the pepsi was for).


Tonight I practiced some fire twirling from 7pm - 8:30. Learnt a new trick called tapping, which is just an impressive way of throwing it and catching it quickly. If my arms are any indication, it was definetly a strong work out. I can barely move them, and I bashed my head in a few times. But more practice with that one before I try it lit :P

Once this is posted, I'll also do a kilometre or two on the exercise bike before I shower and pass out.


  1. Grats. Even I did badly today. :(

  2. Champion effort considering the circumstances!

    I hope you don't mind, but here are a few tips from a diabetics perspective that may help you to make smarter choices in future, should you find yourself in this situation again!

    1. You get mad props from me for taking off the skin! You seriously saved yourself from ingesting about a million calories and it takes serious dedication to ditch the most delicious part of the chicken!

    2. If you can, try to choose the breast meat over the thigh meat, as that is generally leaner.

    3. Great work with the regular chips too! KFC chips are like heaven, and while still terrible to eat when you want to lose weight (and banned if you have diabetes), they have actually been rated as the chips that retain the least amount of oil during cooking when compared to other fast food outlets.

    4. 7-Up - or any full strength cool drink for that matter - is setting you back alot more than you would think. Check the sugar content next time and you'll see what I mean. Try to opt for diet drinks or water.

    5. Living in the middle of nowhere, I have no idea what cold rock is so I really can't comment! :P

    6. Dinner is perfect! You hit the right balance between good and bad. You didn't have the cheese, so there was no problem with the dressing.

    As a diabetic, its really important that I eat foods with a low GI. Since making a few lifestyle changes and making more conscious decisions over what I eat (Very much like you're doing actually!) I've managed to drop two dress sizes without really sticking to any diet as such. Low GI foods also help you to feel fuller for longer too, so it will help with the snacking problem you say you have.

    I really hope that this helps you, and if you don't like it, feel free to tell me shut the hell up! I just have learnt so much about food lately and if my experiences can help you then why not share? :)

  3. Yeah Lucas, you need to drink water. Lots. At least 2L a day. /nod

    And stay away from the damn full-sugar soft drink ffs!! :)

  4. No Lylie, thats perfect. Thank you.

    I've had HEAPS of people tell me what I should and shouldn't eat. So far, pretty much everyone has contridicted someone else :P

    Thats the thing with diets, there are so many different ones. Although, I still really appreciate all the input. It shows people care enough, to not only follow what im doing, but actually sit down and offload advice. :D

    ATM im disregarding most of what's being said, but I have got it all saved on my computer. I will be dredging it back up later on down the track.

  5. Way to go mate...slowly at first to set the pace for a stayer rather than a sprinter and fall over before the month is out let alone the year.
    I'm right there with ya mate....YOU CAN DOOOIT!!

  6. for some reason my computer hates the stupid word comfirmation to post a message :(

    your doing great :) :)