Saturday, March 7, 2009

Day 7 Consumption

I haven't slept from yesterday yet. Feeling really down.

Absolutely no appetite.

Breakfast - Skipped

Lunch - Skipped

Dinner - Some chicken Jo was going to throw out.

I promise I will have an apple or some watermelon when I get back to my house.

Just did a big around the block walk with 2 children in the pram. Heavy, uphill. Good exercise.

Anyway, feeling dejected. Tomorrow is the start of week 2! New photos and official weigh in.


  1. need to eat to keep your metabolism working...though I guess old chicken could cause salmonella poisoning and prompt vomiting....kinda like auto bulimic response...not smart but you know what your doing....I hope.

  2. major is right, your body will go into famine mode if you starve, but I can understand your lack of appetite, i found a tub of peaches is awesome, and tasty too!

    hopefully your official weigh in will lift your spirits!

  3. I hope you succeed. There are plenty of people in this country who just don't care about their health but you're not one of them. I admire this spirit and wish you the best on this quest.

  4. Lol it wasn't "old" chicken, but it was yesterdays chook. >.<

    Camera batteries are charged and ready to go!