Sunday, March 1, 2009

First Weekly Challenge

As previously mentioned, I have no plan. There is no right or wrong way for me to do this. If I set myself boundries too strict, I will eventualyl get depressed and give up. If I set very loose boundries, what is the point?

As such, I will be changing the rules each and every week. (Later on down the track, I will run a game or competition of some description. The winner can pick the challenge for me). The first week is kind of a cop out, some would say. But for me, it's about hitting the ground running at a pace I can handle.

Week One: Be conscious of the foods I am eating. When bored, exercise.

This means I am not doing ANY special dieting. I am not going out of my way to do ANY exercise. What I AM doing, is actively making decisions of the foods I eat. For example, today was my step son's 10th birthday. He chose, of all places, KFC for lunch. Rather than not have anything and get depressed and give up on day one, I picked something healthier than my usual choice, and got a smaller meal. We went to the park afterward, and I spent about an hour practicing fire twirling. (It is a valid form of exercise. Trust me, when you cant control the damn thing, you do a lot of chasing).

With each weekly challenge, I will post new pics of me in my grundies. I cropped this one to focus on my belly (and I had also JUST woken up. I had a less than pretty face).

Current weight: 114kg
End of week goal: 112kg
Overall goal: 80kg
Reward System
To stay focused, Im offering myself a few incentives. If I have reached my goal weight by March 1, 2010, I will be rewarding myself with an adventure trip. Im still undecided what it will be, but think of the trips kids take in thier gap year. I never did anything like that, and I want to do something exciting before I get started on my career. I'll delve into this one later on in the year (obviously, a lot of them are pending wife approval).
I will also offer myself rewards based on a point system. (I love RPGs. I love gaining experience, leveling up, grinding gold, etc etc. So, I had to include some way to gain points in this) Each week, I will have a starting weight, and a goal weight. Achieving my goal weight grants me 10 points. For each additional kilo I lose past that goal, I get an extra 2 points.
Now I want you guys to leave suggestions of things I can reward myself with, and how many points you think they should be worth. As a guideline, nothing should be under 100 points. ATM, im getting desperate for a new tattoo. Im thinking that should be a 150 point reward. Any other ideas?


  1. I want to also take this oppurtunity to dispel the myth.

    I AM NOT HAIRY! Look at me! Im less hairy than something that is known for how little hair it has.

    I got little to no chest hair. I got little to no hair that grows up from the pubic area (which, im grateful for). My armpit hair is almost non-existant (again, I dont mind this).

    I do have thick hair on my head, and a monobrow. That is a very, very small percentage of my body. That does not make me hairy.

    Myth = BUSTED!

  2. Nice me: You can do it Luke. You've thought it all through, and I know that if you keep the motivation up, you'll succeed. /cheer

    Not so nice me: C'mon fatman, eat less shit and move yo' ass!

    Is that better? :D

  3. Brilliant idea with the incentives! I'm not really sure what you consider to be rewarding, but for me I reward myself with clothes when I lose a certain amount of weight (Or in my current situation, not gain any!) -- but as a guy that might not be very appealing :P

    Just a quick thing I want to mention -- 2kgs in a week without any diet plan might be aiming a bit high -- and we don't want you getting disheartened if you don't acheive it! I would aim for probably 1kg to start and then adjust it accordingly. Besides, I think doctors may consider it to be unhealthy to lose any more than that in a week. I'll be sneaky and ask my dietician on Wednesday for ya :-P

  4. Yes, I realise it's high without any actual plan. I did that purposefully to a) Force me to actually exercise if I want the points and b) Ensure Im not just gonna grant myself free diet points every week.

  5. I was expecting more hair too :P
    Great work on your first steps! They are always the suckiest! Whenever you decide you wanna be healthy, there is always something that happens that results in KFC, happens to me too =/
    p.s now get moving :D