Saturday, March 21, 2009

Day 20 Consumption

Ok, today was REALLY bad as far as food is concerned. It was a pretty ok day as far as bitch ex-wife is concerned. Yeah, thats right, I said it!

Breakfast -
  • Apple

Lunch -

  • One of those Juice things im in love with
  • I bought 2 wraps, one for me, one for Jo. I went to Jo's house to deliver hers so we could lunch together, and I noticed she had left her email open. I read some things I wish I didnt, and I lost my appetite.
  • Later, found myself at the shops again and bought a roast pork roll with gravy and a large cup fo potato gems, with gravy.

Dinner -

  • Potato Pie


Nothing at all. Rain is reall hampering my exercise routine, and my intake of endorphines...

Love life

I wrote a big 1000+ word description of events leading up to this, and my thoughts, but it turned out to be too deep for a public blog thats about weight loss.

Long story short... I love Jo, Jo loves someone else. (Someone else reads this. At least leave a comment you bastard. If you're gonna take my wife, at least leave some encouragement.) Its really, truly time to move on.

Now if only it would stop raining and I could go jogging... Natural highs desperately needed.


  1. Wait, what? You have a BITCH ex-wife? I thought you weren't married before me... cos you can't mean me of course.. this is your second marriage? Want me to get her for you!?!?

  2. I really think you buy far too much take-away food.

    It's really difficult to change a dietary lifestyle when life throws a curve ball like this, but your determination to stick with it is admirable. I met someone last year who achieved her goals by never eating carbs after 3 p.m. and doing a helluva lot of resistance training.

    That's all I've got apart from an interesting FHM article on which foods assist in speeding the metabolism etc.

  3. I am living out of a Fruit Juice store.

    While it's take-away, its all natural. I am a complete and total loser in the kitchen. Im relying os much on Take-away food because its the only way I can get prepared food into me. Otherwise it's pre-packaged stuff, or apples.

    Who are you Anonymous? :S

  4. *hugs*
    you are doing great, when stuff is a little more secure and stable around here, you should come round for dinner, I'll cook something healthy :)

    when you are in brissy of course!