Sunday, March 8, 2009

Second Weekly Challenge 8/3 to 14/3

Week Two: Eat between 8000 and 9000 kjs worth of food a day.

Ok, so this will probably make me lose a little bit less weight this week. But the goal here is to get me eating again, regardless of how much I do or do not want to.

The recommended daily intake of kilojoules for an adult is 8700. (See, research!) So this week I will be combining last weeks goal with this weeks. Still no strict diet plan, but I am actively going to be trying to get 3 meals a day, and possibly 2 or 3 snacks in. Amongst those, I need to count calories and try and end up with a balanced diet.

I'm gonna have to find out how many kjs in certain fruits, and then measure how much fruit I am eating in a sitting. Blargh! Effort. I hate things that require effort! As this more of an active challenge this week, I will reward myself 5 extra Reward Points if I achieve this goal 5 times out of 7.

Current weight: 109 kg

This week goal: 106 kg

Total Goal: 80 kg

3kg goal this week. Obviously 2kg was too easy (despite what Nicole said :P) but I don't want to go much lower, because I'll likely be eating a lot more food. And without a personal dietican, or the internet at my fingertips, it'll be hard to work out the best foods to eat.

Here's to a better week this week than last. (Really, not hard to achieve)


  1. since you seem to like this whole points thing, why not try weight watchers, its all points based, each food has a points value and your allowed so many points a day?

  2. na, going solo in this.

    When im done, I need to look back and say "that was all me". Especially since I have the feeling Im going to have a very rough year.

    I'll need something to look back on and feel proud of.

  3. I think varying your approach week to week is probably good in that you won't get bored and give in to any bad habits. You're doing way better than me with this whole get healthy thing. >.<

  4. lol, well I did say it was the healthy way to do it, and not eating regularly doesn't count as healthy weight loss :P

    Good luck with your new goal! Its good to see you're doing so well :)

  5. Way to go mate...pretty soon you'll have to run around in the shower to get wet.
    Got a few friends to get onboard for you with prayer and encouragement (and for the family ).
    Hey, give your grandparents a call sometime soon mate...keep in touch with them and let them know how you're doing as well.
    Breathe in...breathe out...focus on your goals mate...YOU CAN DOOIT!!