Monday, March 16, 2009

Day 15 and Day 16 consumption

DAY 15

Breakfast -
  • Apple pieces and Grapes

Lunch -

  • Hot Dog with Tomato Sauce

Snack -

  • Sausage Roll

Note: The day started off great. I took my wife and our kids to Australia Zoo for family day. The hot dog was probably the healthiest option there for lunch :S After a great time at Aussie Zoo though, I discovered some disheartening news concerning my relationship, and once again withdrew. The sausage roll was a direct result of "FUCK IT ALL TO HELL!" mood I was in. I also skipped dinner because of that.

So Sunday's eating correctly is a: FAIL!

However, as far as exercise is concerned, we walked a marathon at Australia Zoo for 3 hours, and then spent an hour and a half at the local swimming pool. I managed to squeeze in 30 sit ups before being utterly spent and going to bed. I didn't get the 100, but that isnt exactly a requirement.

Sunday Exercise: SUCCESS!

Day 16

Snack 1:

  • 1 Piece of Vegemite toast

Breakfast -

  • Chicken wrap (lettuce, carrot, tomato)
  • Bluetongue Juice (Strawberries, blueberries, mango, other delicious stuff)

Lunch -

  • 2 cruskits
  • 50gms of Pretzels
  • 1 apple

Snack 2:

  • Choc-chip cookie

Dinner -

  • Chicken, Bacon, Pineapple wrap. (Dont judge, it tastes awesome!)

Eat correctly on Monday: SUCCESS!

And Monday is a day excempt from exercise. So HURRAH FOR ME!

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  1. Monday was an INTERESTING day mate....
    Your getting to the place you need to be...slowly...just focus on your stuff and you'll make it.