Monday, March 16, 2009

End of Week Two

Ok, I started this week with these numbers:

Current weight: 109 kg
This week goal: 106 kg
Total Goal: 80 kg

This week, I weigh.... 105kgs!

I think last week I can count the number of times I ate on one hand. I definetly failed my weekly challenge, and for that I blame my suffering love life. My wife reveled things to me that I probably could have been better off not knowing, but at least I succeeded in losing a bit of weight.

Things are great between her and I atm, and I think I finally have my head around whats happening and will set my head straight now. (Of course, I think I have said that to her about 6 times in the last two weeks. >.<)

So for achieving my goal, thats 10 points, and an extra kilo on top of that (another 2 points) I earned 12 Reward points last week, bringing my total to 28.

Still have no idea what I will get with my reward points. Suggestions sorely needed.

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