Monday, March 9, 2009

Day 8 Consumption

This is for Sunday. Still no net, so the posts will be a little delayed.

I decided on Sundays I will take it a little bit easier. Its the start of a new week, hopefully following a successful week, so I deserve to enjoy myself and not worry too much. That is not to say I will ruin everything I achieved, but jsut take it easier.

Breakfast - I took the kids to McDonalds to play in the playground while thier mother went and did things.

  • 2 Hash Browns (1030kj)
  • 1 Hot cake (3 Hotcakes with butter and syrup is 2760kj. I had 1, with no butter or syrup so lets guess, 700kj)

Lunch -

  • 1 Apple (220kj. Thanks Wikipedia!)
  • 2 Cruskits (nothing on it. Yumm! 230kj)

Dinner -

  • 1 Apple (220kj)
  • 2 Cruskits (230kj)
  • McDonalds Classic Crispy Chicken Burger (It was after 9pm, no wrap :( It's still pretty healthy. 2010 kj. Maybe not :O )

Snacks -

  • Parker's Pretzels (Only ate half the bag. Go me! 817kj)
  • Can of Pepsi Max (5kj. You read that right! Not gonna reach my kj quota through pepsi.)

KJ total - 1030 + 700ish + 220 + 220 + 230 + 230 + 2010 + 817 + 5 = 5462 kj.

Quota for Sunday: FAIL!

Still, im not feeling too hard on myself. I was eating when I should, even though I wasn't hungry. This whole seperation thing has assasinated my appetite. So although I missed the quota, at least I know I am on the right track.


Took the kids in the pram around the block. they add 30kgs, and its a lot of uphill walking, so it can get tough. Roughly 5.5k's.

Did 2km on the exercise bike in 4 minutes 10 seconds. When I started last week, it took me 5 minutes flat. Getting better :)

Last night after failing to fall asleep the first time, I went for a drive (thats when I got my cripsy chicken from McD's, figured I needed a bigger dinner). It was beautifully windy, and since sleep wasn't coming, I went to the beach. Tried twirling the firestick, but the wind made it incredibly difficult, so I just walked along the beach in the dark. Sounds lonely and pathetic, but water and wind both raise my spirits, and I was having happy memories. Was really good. Did about 1.5 kilometres.

EDIT: I didn't list it, and I probably won't from now on, but I also drank about 3 or 4 litres of water. Constantly working out, constantly drinking. Constantly pissing too :S . From now on, just assume I had a lot of water, cause I can't keep track of how much im drinking.

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