Friday, March 13, 2009

Day 11 and 12.

Sorry guys, im going through a transition at the moment.

My break up with my wife turned out to be a little more than she original explained.  I had to come down to Brisbane to survive the shock.

Food has been non-existant, as has exercise over the last 2 days.  Copious amounts of vodka were drunk last night, I know that much.  Not sure of the dietry intake there though :P

I will get back on track next week I think.  I dunno.  Saying that too much recently.  I jsut dont know whats happening anymore.


  1. Keep at it Luke. If you can't do it for yourself, do it for your two beautiful children.

    You are strong and have the world at your feet.
    Hold your head up as high as you can.

  2. get your ass back on tract NOW!
    *hugs* do what you have to do, healing is more important to dieting, however you will find once you start to heal you will start to take better care of yourself, all in good timing :)
    have you though about finding a nice church to go to? I think God could really help you through this all :)

  3. God does not reside in churches.

    God can be found anywhere and everywhere. I dont think I will ever find myself regularly attending a church again.

    But you are right, I am using God to get through this.

    And Im still on track, I jsut have had sporodic access to computers.

    Im online at my new house now, so I dont have to go home to update.

    New pics and official weigh in tonight after TAFE (I finish late).