Sunday, March 22, 2009

Day 21 Consumption

Im having trouble remembering what I ate.

Breakfast -
  • Some watermelon pieces

Lunch -

  • A fruit smoothie (Dairy in it)

Snack -

  • A normal fruit drink (no dairy in this one)

Dinner -

  • Wife invited me over for Dinner. She felt like Thai take-away, said she would pay for it and order it if I completed the other piece of the puzzle, driving to pick it up.
  • I ended up ordering, paying and driving (twice...they moved >.<)
  • Anyway, I had Mussaman Beef, and it really felt like the first real meal I have had since I started this. Maybe not, Id have to go back and check, but it felt good eating it.

Exercise -

Spent about 2 hours walking.

Sorry about the deteriorating quality of these posts. Im honestly getting next to no sleep, all my days are running into each other and getting muddled. It's hard to remember what days I've blogged and what days I havent, and then harder still to distinguish what foods I had on those days.

I will get a notebook to keep track of these things I think.

Anyway, weigh in and photos later on today. I'll have to go over to Jo's house for it.


  1. I think you're doing an absolutely remarkable job considering what you're going through right now *hugs*

  2. Agreed. It's really amazing that you're managing to stick with it.

  3. hmm for some reason my interwebz hates commenting on blogspot blogs... usually takes a few goes... lol

    *hugs* I am so proud of you! you are keeping it together better than most people would in your situation!!